What is La Décima?

La Décima is the term Spanish football giants Real Madrid used to describe their 10th UEFA Champions League success, in 2014. It translates from Spanish into English as “The tenth”.

The club were the first team to accomplish the feat, doing so by beating city rivals Atlético Madrid 4-1 after extra-time in the 2014 final.

Real Madrid were the winners of the inaugural competition back in 1956, then known as the European Cup. They would go on to win the first five editions of the competition.

The record champions of the competition won it again in 1966 but did not get their hands on the trophy again until 1998 – this being their longest streak without any success in Europe’s premier cup competition.

Numbers eight and nine quickly followed in 2000 and 2002 respectively, but the tenth success would not come until a dozen years later in 2014.

That success was quickly followed up with three successive Champions League successes between 2016-18.


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